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Kids and Firearm Safety Tips More than one-third of US households have guns. If you have a firearm and you have children in your house, you need to explain to them the potential dangers and how they must act when they find a gun. First, always keep the weapon out of sight and out of reach. Second, always keep the gun locked and empty, and the ammunition must be stored separately. Guns and Play Whether or not you allow your kids to play with toy guns is your personal choice, and it is also you decision how you must respond to their shooting action while playing. Keep in mind that while you may not allow your children to play toy guns, that does not mean they friends won’t. You have to make your kids understand that real guns can seriously harm people or even kill them. Tell your children to do three things the moment they come near a gun – stop whatever it is they are doing, walk away and tell an adult. It is very important for the child to actually leave the area to avoid getting harmed by another child who probably does not know that he should’t touch he gun. A child as young as three is already well capable of firing a handgun.
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Many kids grow up in homes with guns, especially when their parents are hunting aficionados. If you have a gun in your house, you should take the time to educate your kids about how to stay safe and act responsibly around it. And remember these family safety rules: 1. Empty the gun of ammunition. 2. Make sure the gun is locked and put it in a place your kids cannot reach (hiding is not enough). 3. Make sure the ammunition is locked and store it in a separate place. 4. Store the gun’s and ammunition’s keys apart from your house keys and out of children’s reach. 5. Gun-cleaning supplies must be locked up as well as they can be poisonous. 6. Do not leave the gun unattended even for a few minutes while cleaning it. If you intend to dispose of a gun you own or have found one in your home, contact your local police, not 911 or any emergency service. There are different laws in different states, but usually, cops will investigate if the firearm was involved in any criminal activity, and then it will be destroyed. Another disposal option is a program that takes unwanted guns to a particular place where they will be made unusable. Ask your local police if there is such a program in your area.

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Why Life Skills Courses are Essential for Inmates In life, one needs some unique abilities to undergo regular life as a law abiding citizen. These are what are referred to as life skills. After several years of research, trainers have developed a life skills curriculum for inmates. This curriculum is designed in a way that helps inmates change their thinking patterns which eventually leads to behavior modification. Training on life skills is very impactful as it reaches all areas of an individual’s life. It helps them deal with their emotions as well as bringing up their children and knowing how to manage money in the best possible way. When inmates take life skills courses, they can change their attitudes and act in a positive way. These lessons have already been analyzed, and the results demonstrate that they assist in reducing rates by altering people’s believing routines. Individuals who take these courses learn to deal with problems logically and improve their decision-making skills.
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Most correctional services have men and women who are parents. Based on statistics, over three million kids have parents who are in prison. It is an incredibly daunting task to parent your kids while in prison because you’ve limited control over them. In the life skills curriculum, the men and women in prison are offered parental classes in which they acquire positive parenting skills which they can carry with them when released from jail. These courses also teach parents to foster healthy relationships with their children as they get ready to reunite with their families.
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Life skills classes wanted to inmates are all-inclusive. They focus on every level in the development of children and show parents how they can help their children to excel in their studies. Parents also learn how to raise a child in such a complicated set-up. Developing a change in attitude and teaching parenting skills in the life skills course in itself does not guarantee that an inmate will change their criminal behavior. Nonetheless, they are going to probably help the kids whose parents have been in jail to pick a life path that is different. The topics offered in the life skills curriculum may be quite useful in reducing criminal behavior and incarceration rates in families. Knowing the way to handle your finances is an important skill. Offenders are trained on how you can make costs and stay to them. This capability can assist them to avoid resorting to illegal activities when they eventually get out of prison. Poor financial management is not a problem only inmates face. Financial issues direct to the breakdown of many households. They will need to make some earnings the life skills curriculum comprises courses that prepare them for work after prison when the inmates get out of jail. There are also communication skills classes offered to assist prisoners to develop crucial sociable abilities.